How to Celebrate National Day


National day is a very exciting time for many people. It is when individuals celebrate their nation. Being involved in such celebrations, makes one feel more patriotic and makes you feel proud of being a citizen. It is a day when children are taught the history of the nation and its principles.


national dayOne of the best ways to spend national day is by going to watch the parade. Numerous individuals get to express themselves, both in the air and on the road. It is a place you get to meet your fellow citizens and join them in celebrating the national day. You will find different shows and activities. For instance, you will see a lot of talented dancers, kites of different shapes and sizes, giant balloons, and so much more. On a national day, you would not want to miss the parade. If you have never attended any of these, make sure to attend the parade on the next national day.


fireworksAt night, the skies are beautifully lit up with all sorts of colors and shapes. The nights are really noisy because fireworks will be going off at almost every minute.An excellent way to enjoy the sight is by going to an elevated region and observe the show from there.

Some fireworks scenes are basic, others are very complex. It is nice to see the sky lit up with different shapes and designs. It is therefore one of the best ways to celebrate national day. If possible, you can also create your homemade fireworks and be part of the festive.

Face Painting

You will find very many people with paint and masks on their faces. Generally, the day will seem like a day of colors. To join this colorful celebration you get your face painted like everyone else. If you have never celebrated national days before it’s not late. There is always a first time for everything.

Make sure you make a stop at one of their tables and get your face decorated with whatever patterns you want to get on your face. Celebrating national days can be done in very many creative ways. At the end of the day, the aim is mainly to enjoy yourself and celebrate your nation while at it.…