Factors Considered When Purchasing a New Laptop


Laptops come in different models and types. They have different price categories. Choosing a good laptop is one of the daunting tasks that you can have. It is not easy. You should buy the best laptop that meets all your needs. This post is going to give you a checklist that needs to be considered when purchasing a new laptop.

Screen quality

You will be spending many hours staring at the laptop every day. It is therefore important to get a screen which is comfortable for you. Some of the modern laptops are designed with touchscreens that make them very glossy. Such screens are known for reflecting a lot of light as compared to the conventional screens. This means that you should go for those screens that don’t have touchscreens.laptop screen

Another thing that you need to consider is the resolution of the screen. Individuals who have plenty space in their rooms are advised to choose full HD screens. Its view angles are also important. Always go for a screen that has wide viewing angles. They are good for the user’s comfort.


Portability is one of the essential factors that need to be considered when choosing these devices. Notebooks have small-ish screens and are very light. In general, Ultrabook laptops are light and very slim. Most of them have screen sizes that range between 12.5 and 13.3 inches. Their average weight is about 1.5 kg.


A good laptop should have RAM of at least 4 GB. A device that has more RAM will allow you to run many applications concurrently. They are also ideal for accessing more data. Devices that have a big RAM are also suitable for the handy tasks like photo editing.


Intel-based CPUs are the best in the current market. These include core, i7, i5, and i3. They are known for offering the best performance making them ideal for multimedia and multitasking tasks. Core i5 is mainly used in mainstream computers while i3 ones are used in entry-level systems. Any person who is interested in high laptops that have performances should go for core i7-based systems.cpu

Keyboard quality

A comfortable keyboard is suitable for long typing sessions. Keyboards that have a squished should be avoided at all cost because they have a poor user experience. A good keyboard should have full-sized keys and a comfortable layout. Again there should be enough space for the arrow keys. Some of the modern keyboards are also backlit. You can use them for typing even in dim environments.