A Review for The Top-Rated Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the protective measures for bikers. It is a requirement for every biker to wear this essential headpiece. In addition to protecting the rider, a Bluetooth helmet can enable him/her to listen to music, receive and make calls. Buyers can learn more about these helmets by referring to verified websites like Top 10 Focus. This write-up is going to help you in choosing the best Bluetooth helmet for your motorbike.

Bilt Techno 2.0

motorcycle's helmet

This is one of the most popular helmets that you can find in the market today. It is equipped with a universal Bluetooth communicator that has a total talk time of eight hours. Also, it has a super, high-technology injection-molded polycarbonate shell that gives it added safety. It comes with metallic paint which is well-designed and highly resistant to scratches.


  • Comes with a removable liner
  • Has metallic rear vents
  • Has a tinted, drop-down sun shield

ILM Modular Flip-Up

This helmet features one-touch controls for redialling, answering and rejecting calls. It is well-engineered with safety into consideration. It has a control mechanism that ensures that the riders’ mitts are always on the handlebars. Furthermore, it comes with a rider-to-rider intercom system that operates at a distance of up to 330 meters.


  • Comes in black and red white
  • Effective noise suppression
  • Convenient two-piece design

Torc T27

This device has a slim design, making it relatively smaller than the other bulkier models that you find in the market, but it can offer the same protection. Rides don’t have to get worried about overheating in this helmet because it comes with a unique rear venturi venting and front intake venting system.


  • Dot and ece certified
  • Has an extended lasting battery of about 150 hours
  • Has a chain bar release system that is controlled by pressing its button

Hawk H-500


This sleek-looking helmet incorporates a flow-through helmetventilation system, multi-density foam interior, and an injection–molded shell. These features make it extremely safe and comfortable for the rider. Calls and music sound are clear even at super speeds.




  • Its mic quality can be improved
  • Wider field of view
  • One-piece construction

O’Neal Commander

The O’Neal Commander has superior features and a streamlined, stylish design that makes it a perfect option for those guys who love sports. This devices uses voice command-compatible tech to control GPS navigation and to answer calls which allows you to talk with other riders.


  • 118-foot intercom range
  • Comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch visor